Da una passione forte è nato un mondo, che unisce ballerini e appassionati di tango da tutto il mondo.

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To compleate the registration, please reach info point to take the pass

Info Point

Thursday 17 Oct from 18,00 to 19,00 - c/o Hotel Cristina, Via Diocleziano 109 - c/o Hotel Nuvò, Via Nuova Agnano 5 (Angolo Via Diocleziano) - c/o Hotel JFK Best Western, Viale J.F. Kennedy 141/145

Info Point

Friday 18 Oct from 15,00 to 19,00 c/o La Milonga Porteña, via Diocleziano 109; dalle 19,00 alle 20,30 c/o Quater, via Diocleziano 402

Info Point

Saturday 19 Oct from 12,00 to 20,30 c/o Quater, via Diocleziano 402; from 12,00 to 15,30 c/o La Milonga Porteña, via Diocleziano 109


Always during all afternoon and nigths milongas


• Once you have completed the form, wait to be contacted by the secretariat to confirm the availability of seats and proceed with the payment that will be indicated according to your choices.

• Registration is valid only after payment of the fee. Between the acceptance of the booking and the payment of the same one can not spend more than 7 days. The balance of the entire amount must be paid by bank transfer or in cash. In the event of a transfer, a copy of the payment must be sent to info@neapolisintango.it

• Upon reaching the maximum number of couples scheduled for lessons, registrations will be closed.

• Possible private lessons must be agreed directly with the management.

• Registration for lessons must take place in pairs. A single waiting list is provided for singles and the organization does not accept partner approval.

• It is not possible to attend the lessons except to the participants.

• Video shooting is not allowed during lessons without the authorization of the organization team.


• In case of cancellation from Semptember 16th no refund will be possible for money you have already payed.
• For milongas there are no refunds.